This summer has been really special and unforgettable, here are my best moments…

1. Flower Power Party in Ibiza with my friends. 2 Ready for the pool with my bikini from Calzedonia and my t-shirt from Souvenirs July (Ibiza). 3 Diving in Costa Brava with neoprene and bikini from Oysho. 4 Strolling convertible car in Barcelona
1. With my blouse from Bahjhara Formentera and bikini from Calzedonia in Costa Brava.  2 A biker driving in Costa Brava. 3 In the walk of fame in L.A. on Marilyn Monroe star. 4 Beautiful message in a street in San Francisco 
1. Me in the Flower Power Party in Pacha (Ibiza). 2 Cala Compte in Ibiza. 3. Me in the Golden Gate in San Francisco. 4 Ready to go to the work
1. Pajamas from Forever 21. 2 My look for Martini Party. 3. Me and friends kissing in Cala Compte (Ibiza). 4. My favourite book this summer
1. Taking a sun in Las Salinas (Ibiza). 2 My new sandals from Zara. 3. Cinderella shoes from Manolo Blahnik. 4 Walking in San Francisco
1. Ready to go to the work. 2. With my friends in the hippy gipsy car to go to Flower Power (Ibiza). 3 Bathing in Costa Brava. 4 With my angel, my niece. 
1. Autophoto in the job. 2. Bathing in Las Salinas with Estefi (Ibiza). 3 The mirror in Barcelona. 4 With my juice in Cala Compte (Ibiza)
1. With my friend Helen in Urban Outfitters (San Francisco). 2. La Luz de Jesus Gallery (Los Ángeles). 3 Boat in Sausalito (San Francisco). 4. With my dress from Banjhara Formentera and bag from Desigual.

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